EyeSpy Deluxe - DSLR / Mirrorless Camera Rig

Part # 8-017-0010

Shoulder mounted DSLR / Mirrorless rig that adds stability and focus control to the form factor.
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The eyeSpy line of DSLR / Mirrorless rigs are ideal for any filmmaker who wants a shoulder-mounted ergonomic support system for their camera. The eyeSpy Deluxe Bundle builds on the Standard Bundle by adding the combined convenience of counterbalance weights for a perfectly balanced system, and a follow focus for pulling accurate focus.

Perfect for Mirrorless Cameras

The EyeSpy Rig is a robust shouldermounted rig for converting DSLR and mirrorless cameras to cinema production powerhouses.

This rig is ideal for modern smaller-bodied still cameras that have exceptional video capabilities, but need better stabilization and support for professional results and comfortable all-day shooting.

The rig delivers crucial mounting rails and points for adding external recorders, audio, microphones, and any other accessory to complete your camera system.

Camera, lens, and third party accessories pictured are not included with this product

The most feature-complete of all the eyeSpy bundles, the eyeSpy Deluxe Bundle includes:

  • 2x 18" 15mm carbon fiber rods
  • 2x 9" 15mm carbon fiber rods
  • padded shoulderpad with rod clamp
  • microHandGrip
  • DSLR baseplate
  • rod offset kit (for centering the camera for viewfinder use)
  • microFinder loupe accessory for optical viewfinder
  • Your choice of microBalance adjustable vertical clamp kit or horizontal configuration
  • Your choice of counterbalance (weight and type of counterbalance)
  • Choice of microFollowFocus or microFollowFocus | blue (final bundle price will vary)
  • NOTE: Lens gears no longer included
Please Note the microFinder loupe accessory is for attaching 3" loupe securely to the back of the DSLR. Loupe is sold separately (currently we recommend the Hoodman Hoodloupe 3.0)

eyeSpy Bundle Configurations

eyeSpy Standard: The simplest most economical shoulder mount solution for any DSLR camera.

eyeSpy Balance: Built off of the same design as the standard, it adds counterbalance weights for a steadier shot.

eyeSpy Deluxe: This kit is for the filmmaker who needs it all, a follow focus for accurate focus pulling, weights for a steadier more comfortable shoot, and the mobility of a shoulder mount.

The eyeSpy Deluxe bundle is designed to make your camera more ergonomic while adding both stability and professional grade focus pulling to your projects. Through various upgrade paths, you will always have the ability to build the right rig for the job.

eyeSpy Rig Accessories

microBalance Plus Upgrade

By adding the microBalance Plus Upgrade kit to your order, you add the ability to adjust your counter balance weights left or right. This gives you a more accurately balanced system, making it easier on your arms for long periods of operating time.

Double Handgrip Accessory Kit:

By adding the Double Handgrip Accessory Kit you now have the ability to keep both hands stationed on the rig farther out from each other, giving you more control over the rig, and an inevitably stabler shot.

Lens Gears:

Our microFollowFocus Gears are no longer included in any DSLR bundle. However, these microFollowFocus Gears are still available on our site for purchase separately

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