microRiser - Quick Release version

Part # 2-064-0001

Adds a second set of raised 15mm rods for proper accessory alignment on taller camera bodies
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Quick Release

The microRiser - Quick Release is a multi-purpose clamp that allows you to attach a second set of rods at a fixed height above or below your current rods, and quickly attach/remove them with the quick release clamp.


This clamp is most often used for raised front rails on taller HDSLR cameras to adapt accessories such as the microFollowFocus and microMatteBox at the correct height. Use shorter 15mm rails such as 4" or 6" carbon fiber rails. It can also be used to quick release components such as low-slung handlebars.

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This clamp provides a fixed height riser with a quick release clamp. If you need a variable height riser look at 8-017-0018 microRiser
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