ultraEvent Bundle for Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera

Part # 8-131-0002

The ultraEvent BMCC is a fantastic compact handheld rig, ideal for cramped shooting situations, or when keeping a low profile is important.

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The ultraEvent for Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera is a fantastic compact handheld rig, ideal for cramped shooting situations, or when keeping a low profile is important. Perfect for weddings and similar events.


The ultraEvent BMCC combines the best of Redrock's award winning cinema accessories with the new ultraCage Black Professional Series for the Black Magic Cinema Camera to make a rig that is nimble, comfortable, and discreet.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact design- Adds very little to the Black Magic Camera’s size and form factor and still delivers maximum stability.
  • Includes the ultraCage Black Professional Series - all the advanced features in a form-fitting cage for your Black Magic Cinema Camera.
  • Monitoring via the built-in rear LCD - the ultraEvent positions the Black Magic camera so the built-in LCD is easily viewable and is used as the primary monitor
  • Chest pad support-four-points of support for maximum stability without size.
  • Configure and extend to your exact shooting style - every aspect of the rig can be adjusted to your body size, position, and shooting requirements.
  • Built-in support for top and bottom rails makes adding a traditional or wireless follow focus quick and easy.
  • Convert to other rigs quickly and easily.
  • Reconfigure the system quickly and easily without tools for tripod, handheld or anything else you can imagine (some configurations may require additional accessories)
  • Powered cage option - attach the optional powerPack via 1/4-20 mounts to the ultraCage for a complete power solution for all your camera-top devices.

The ultraEvent BMCC handheld bundle includes:

  • ultraCage Black Professional Series for BMCC
  • Optional ultraCage Black Professional Series Top Handle Assembly
  • microMount standalone- no microSpud
  • 8" Grip Rod
  • microBrace body pad
  • 9" 15mm carbon fiber rods - 1 pair
  • Handlebar 15mm Rod - 4" (2)
  • microHandGrip (2)
  • Optional 15mm carbon fiber top rails- 1 pair

Does the ultraCage Black Professional Series for BMCC add any width to the camera?
No, the ultraCage Black Professional Series for BMCC has been designed to add zero width to the camera, while still providing the additional mounting points and security of a traditional cage.

Can I add a top handle?
If you would like to place a top handle on your ultraCage, select the Top Handle Option from the configuration. The top handle can be configured both facing forward and backward, allowing for ultimate comfort and balance when holding the rig. We also suggest when purchasing a top handle to add the Top Plate Upgrade to maximize stability when inside the cage.

How do I attach my cage to a tripod?
The ultraCage for Blackmagic Cinema Camera has two ¼”-20 and two 3/8”-16 on the bottom of the unit, ready to accept any standard tripod plate.

Can I access all the buttons and features of the camera while it’s in the cage?
Yes, the ultraCage for BMCC does not block any of the ports, buttons, or touch screen accessibility of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Does the cage block any of the camera’s cooling vents?
No, the cage has been designed with oversized openings and vent port pathways to maximize cooling of the camera.

If I want the maximize security for the cage, what do I need?
The Top Plate for BMCC used in conjunction with the ultraCage | blue locks the camera into the cage, now providing both top and bottom mounting. This will lock the camera in place, preventing it from moving when under extreme conditions or fast focus pulls. This can be extremely beneficial when using heavy lenses that require extra force to pull focus, or when attaching the camera to systems like a car, steadicam, or jib. In addition to integrating with the ultraCage | blue, it attaches to the top of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and can act as a standalone cheese plate, ready to support a top handle for lower profile shooting, and any other ¼”-20 accessory.

Will the ultraCage Black Professional Series for BMCC work with third party accessories?
Redrock uses industry standards whenever available. The ultraCage Black Professional Series for BMCC puts the camera at the correct industry standard height to accept third party matte boxes and other 15mm L/W rail accessories.

Can I use my existing Redrock Micro gear?
Yes, the ultraCage Black Professional Series for BMCC can be used with all of the other Redrock Micro support products like our shoulder mount and matte box. Also, being part of the ultraCage series means it’s compatible with other ultraCage components like the rear chassis.

What is it made out of?
The ultraCage Black Professional Series for BMCC is made out of precision machined aircraft grade aluminum. This includes everything from the rod clamps to the lift and lock thumbscrews.

Do I need top rails?
Top rails are valuable components of any rig. You can attach accessories like a digital motor or monitor and have them travel with you no matter what support you build off of the bottom rails. If you plan on moving fast between multiple setups, top rails will make the transitions much smoother.

What are the key differences between the microFollowFocus and the microFollowFocus Black Professional Series?
Both the microFollowFocus and microFollowFocus Black Professional Series share the same custom designed gear box which allows for “like new” performance over even the most brutal of abuse. However, the microFollowFocus Black Professional Series adds features that seasoned professionals are more accustom to, like a 3D marking disc for easy visibility of marks, a quick release rail mechanism for easy adjustments with new lenses, and an adjustable indicator arm with dual hard stop mechanisms.

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