ultraCage for Blackmagic Cinema Design Camera Deluxe Cage Upgrade Kit

Part # 8-131-0015

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The ultraCage BMCC Deluxe Cage Upgrade Kit enhances your ultraCage BMCC by adding the ultraPlate top plate, connection hardware to secure the top of the camera to the top of the cage and an ultra Series top handle.

This upgrade improves camera stability by securing the top of the camera to the top of the cage. The top handle adds a convenient way to carry and position the camera.

The ultraPlate and top handle can also be used standalone for a stripped down run-and-gun rig.

Please Note: this is an upgrade kit for the ultraCage BMCC, which is required for proper use of this item.

This kit includes:

  • ultraPlate top plate
  • ultra Series top handle
  • connection hardware to secure top of camera to top of ultraCage BMCC
  • mounting screws

What is this upgrade kit for?

This upgrade kit enhances the ultraCage BMCC by adding our most popular accessories to the base cage, including the ultraPlate top plate, mounting hardware to attach the top of the camera to the cage and top handle.

How do I know if I need it, or it’s for me?

If you own or are looking at purchasing the ultraCage BMCC and want maximum stability and security, this kit is right for you. If you already own the ultraPlate and top handle, you do not need this upgrade kit.

For which cameras is this upgrade kit?

This kit is designed specifically for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and is used only for the ultraCage BMCC.

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