BackPack Accessory for ultraCage

Part # 3-116-0001

The backPack is often used to attach a battery plate/battery combination to power the complete rig...
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The backPack accessory for ultraCage™ delivers a convenient and extremely helpful rear plate on which to attach camera-top accessories. The backPack attaches to the ultraCage™ rear chassis to keep accessories clear of camera operation while still providing solid and stable mounting.

The backPack is often used to attach a battery plate/battery combination to power the complete rig (the Redrock powerPack is a great accessory for powering multiple camera-top accessories as well), or used to attach an external recorder in a place that is easily accessible and viewable.

Features and Benefits

  • Cheeseplate with 19 1/4" 20 and 13 3/8" 16 mounting holes to attach virtually any camera-top accessory, including batteries, audio recorders, mic receivers, external recorders, etc.
  • Mounts directly to the back of the ultraCage™ extended to provide accessory mounting that doesn't get in the way of camera operation.
  • Cheeseplate tapped with hole patterns and ready to accept battery plates from anton bauer, sony v-mount, and PAG backPack can be repositioned along the rails (via the ultraCage rear chassis) for balancing or convenience.
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The BackPack Accessory for the ultraCage™ Includes:

  • Two Brackets for extra strength and rig clearance
  • A Cheeseplate that includes taps for all standard battery plates

Please note: The BackPack Accessory Kit requires the ultraCage&trade: rear chassis to be mounted.

The BackPack is an add-on accessory for the ultraCage™, and requries the ultraCage™ rear chassis to be mounted correctly. This is typically used in a full ultraCage™ setup with front and rear cages. If you are considering a handheld or shouldermount style configuration, consider the microBalance plus, which provides the same cheeseplate and battery mounting hole patterns, but in a plate that is better suited for lightweight handheld use.

If you plan on using the BackPack for mounting a battery battery brick, consider adding the powerPack C100/C300 Kit. This will allow you to power your camera and two additional accessories with your single proffessional battery.

Anton Bauer: Battery mounting holes are compatible with any Anton/Bauer plate using a counter bore hole pattern.The QRDSLR is one example of a compatible plate.

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