ultraCage Black Professional Series Studio - Canon Cinema EOS Rig

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A Must Have

Complete your Canon EOS C Series Camera setup with the ultraCage™ Black Professional Series 15mm Cinema Bundle from Redrock Micro. Referred to as the "must have accessory for the C300", the ultraCage Cinema Bundle is the ultimate rig for studio-style productions where most of the shots have the C100, C300, C500 on tripod, dolly, or steadicam.

Maximum Stability

The heart of the ultraCage Cinema Bundle for C100,C300, or C500 is the ultraCage | blue, providing the core baseplate and camera cage. The ultraCage maximizes stability, adds top and bottom rails, tripod attachment, and multiple points for accessory mounting. The rear chassis cage creates a robust top- and bottom-rail setup and 48 additional mounting points, so all your camera-top accessories have a secure and convenient home on your rig.


The ultraCage | blue top handle can be configured for single, single with double-clamp, and double top handle to strike that perfect balance between strength and light weight.


The ultraCage Cinema Bundle also comes in an optional powered cage configured by adding the Redrock powerPack accessory. The powerPack is compact and attaches directly to the ultraCage and delivers regulated power to the C100, C300, C500 as well as up to 2 additional accessories.

Features and Benefits

  • Includes the ultraCage Black Professional Series - all the advanced features in a form-fitting cage for your C100/C300.
  • Quick-change -between short and full cages, available with the option for split bottom rails.
  • Industry-standard 15mm top and bottom rails - fantastic stability and support for your full suite of camera-top accessories and monitors. front rails support follow focus and mattebox; rear rails support external recorders, batteries, and other accessories. Top rails can also be extended over the lens for use with wireless follow focus motors or traditional follow focuses that can be top-rail mounted.
  • choice of top handle configuration - Single, single double-clamp, or double top handles to strike that perfect balance between strength and lightweight.
  • 19mm top rails - optional accessory for 15mm and included in the 15/19mm Cinema Bundle, these beefy rails offer increased stability and support and compatibility with 19mm rail-mounted accessories.
  • Ready to go for large lenses - ultraCage baseplate already has the correct height and mounting points for adding 15mm studio or 19mm rails to support big cinema lenses from Canon, Cooke, and others.
  • Powered cage option - attach the optional powerPack directly to the ultraCage for a complete power solution for all your camera-top devices, and as a bonus use your external battery as counterbalance.
  • Optional backPack - mounting plate kit for mounting camera-top accessories to the rear of the rig for improved balance. Cheeseplate includes taps for Anton Bauer, V-mount, and PAG battery plates.
  • Convert to other rigs quickly and easily - reconfigure the system quickly and easily without tools for tripod, handheld or anything else you can imagine (some configurations may require additional accessories).
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The ultraCage | blue 15mm cinema bundle includes:

  • Choice of ultraCage | blue for Canon C100 or ultraCage | blue for Canon C300
  • ultraCage Rear Chassis Assembly
  • Micromount with coldshoe spud
  • Grip Rod - 4"
  • 15mm carbon fiber bottom rails - choice of full length or quick release (specified in options menu)
  • 14" 15mm carbon fiber top rails - 1 pair

Additional options configuration options such as Top Handle can be added in the configuration pull-down menus

The ultraCage | blue 15mm Cinema Bundle is the ideal solution for shooting situations that are primarily tripod-based . The extended cage provides exceptional support and stability, and offers a huge array of mounting options for all your accessories such as camera-top monitors, audio boxes, external recorders, microphones, etc.

If you shoot with larger lenses requiring 15mm studio or 19mm rods (such as the Canon cine zooms), you might consider upgrading to the ultraCage | blue 15/19mm Cinema Bundle which is similar to the 15mm Cinema Bundle and adds 19mm top rails for added support and stability.

If you are considering going handheld, you can easily convert the ultraCage | blue cinema bundle by removing the rear chassis cage and adding your favorite Redrock shouldermount or handgrips. If you are doing more handheld work than studio, you might consider one of our handheld rigs, such as the ultraEvent for C100/C300, ultra eyeSpy for C300, or ultra Field Cinema Bundle for C100/C300.

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