microBalance Plus

Part # 2-068-0001

microBalance Plus vertical cheeseplate with left-right balance adjustment for accessory mounting.
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The microBalance Plus adds a vertical accessory plate for mounting accessories to standard 15mm rails (60mm spacing).

Accessories that can be mounted include external batteries (Anton Bauer, Sony v-mount compatible, Switronix, IDX, PAG), external recorders, audio receivers, and anything else that can be mounted with ¼” 20 or 3/8” 16 taps.

The plate is ideal for mounting these accessories at the rear of a rig (such as a shouldermount rig like the Field Cinema Bundle or eyeSpy Deluxe) where it can be used as additional counterbalance.

The microBalance Plus can be mounted with the cheeseplate facing downwards from the rails for a lower center of gravity, or facing upwards for a more compact setup.

The cheeseplate includes hole patterns for mounting a battery plate directly to the cheeseplate. Hole patterns include Anton Bauer, Sony v-mount style (including battery plates from Switronix and IDX), and PAG.

The microBalance Plus can be moved along the rails for front-back balancing, and also includes a unique adjustment to help balance rigs left-right when using off-center accessories such as monitor, EVF, or follow focus.
The microBalance Plus Assembly includes:
  • rod clamp
  • left-right adjustment block
  • cheese plate

For what can I use the microBalance Plus?

The microBalance Plus is ideal for mounting batteries and accessories to a vertical cheeseplate for counterbalance or to fit a particular rig configuration.

Can I mount counterbalance weights on it?

The microBalance Plus allows older style microBalance counterbalance weights to be mounted using screws. It is not designed for use with the microBalance QR counterbalance weights.

If I want to mount both counterbalance and an external battery, what should I get?

For both Redrock counterbalance and external batteries together, consider the microBalance QR system, which includes quick release plates that include battery plate hole patterns.

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