Studio Bundle for Panasonic AG AF-100

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The Studio Bundle for the Panasonic AG AF-100 series cameras is the perfect set of cinema accessories for studio and tripod work using this fantastic new camera from Panasonic.

The Studio Bundle includes some of Redrock's most popular products:

The microMatteBox Deluxe Bundle delivers light and flare control in a full size cinema style mattebox, complete with flag, sidewings, and swing-away arm.

The microFollowFocus enables precise and repeatable focus on your lenses.

And the microSUpport baseplate (low riser) with industry standard 12" 15mm carbon fiber rails provides the backbone on which the camera and accessories are attached.

Please Note: >Camera, lens, and third party accessories pictured are not included with this product

The Studio Bundle for Panasonic AG AF-100/101 includes:
  • microMatteBox Deluxe Bundle
  • Choice of microFollowFocus or microFollowFocus Black Professional Series
  • microSupport baseplate
  • 12" 15mm carbon fiber rails
Please NoteLens gears are not included in this bundle. If you need lens gears please see our microLensGears related items.
Weight: 7 lbs / 3.2 kg
This studio bundle is primarily designed for studio work or setups where tripod is the main support. If you are looking for something optimized for handheld, consider our microShoulderMount Deluxe Bundle (additional rod clamp is required). The microShoulderMount can also be attached to the bottom of this Studio Bundle to combine the best of both worlds.
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